7 social media management tips

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#1) Don’t irritate your followers.

If you irritate and annoy people with your posts, status updates, or videos, they’re likely not going to follow you for much longer. With everything you post you should always be asking yourself if it’s going to annoy people.

You need to make sure that every post and every published piece is helpful and informative. It’s the only way you’re going to keep the ones you have and get more.

#2) Use your real name.

People won’t want to work with you or talk to you if they don’t know your real name. There are lots of instances online when it’s appropriate to use a fake name or user name, but when you’re promoting your business isn’t one of them.

Always use your real name and if you use your company’s name, make sure that your actual name can be found somewhere very quickly on the page.

#3) Give something before you ask for something.

What do people get for following you on Twitter? A free e-book that can help them? What will they get for liking you on Facebook? A free CD or DVD? Social media marketing is not just all about going around and asking for people to follow you or to visit your blog.

It’s about giving and taking and sharing. Before you ask anyone for anything, offer them something first. It will make them more interested and more likely to visit your site.

#4) Post great content.

Yes, content was glossed over previously in this report as something that was almost secondary. But it’s still true that content is everything in your campaign- it’s the driving force of your marketing campaign. Post great content that’s helpful and interesting to others and people will come back again and again. And that’s a guarantee.

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Plus, the better your content is, the more people will share it – and that’s what SMM is all about!


#5) Always make sure that you are on top of the latest news and trends in your industry.

Knowing what’s going on with your industry and things that directly affect your company and your customers will give you more information to talk about on social networking sites and can be used as fuel to start conversation. Plus, it will help showcase you as the expert you are in your field!

#6) Interact and respond with your followers and friends in a timely manner.

If someone leaves a comment on your Facebook page, reply to it and reply quickly. If someone re-Tweets one of your Tweets, thank them for it or make sure that you find one of theirs that you can re-Tweet. Whatever site you’re on, make sure that you are always interacting with your customers, and especially those taking the time out to interact with you.

#7) Build relationships – with everybody.

This might seem like an obvious one. After all, the whole reason why you’re engaging in social media marketing is so that you can build relationships. But we’re not just talking about the customers and the professionals you work with. You need to build relationships with everyone, and that includes your competitors.

This shows that you are extremely accessible to everyone and that you’re a leader in your field. Also, it will keep you level with your competition and keep you in the know about what they’re doing.

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