5 Ways to double your sales

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How to double your sales: 5 Proven strategies of doubling your sales

They strategies I will be sharing are some of the finest strategies most business out there make use of.

When you use these strategies, traffic will never be a problem again.

These are proven strategies that have been used in countless industries, and are responsible for generating billions of dollars worth of sales, and can build empires that stand the test of time and outlast any economic conditions.

These strategies will also allow you to unfairly dominate your market and beat your competition and at the same time creating goodwill and buzz around your business.


I believe you are reading this report for one of the following reasons:

  1. You are looking for ways to attract more dream clients, that are easier to manage and that pay you a lot more, to do the work you actually enjoy doing.
  2. You would like to double your sales in the next few months, while spending the same or lesser amount on your marketing.

If you fall into any of the above mentioned categories then this will be the most important information you’ll ever read.

The strategies you will learn include:

  • Sneak spy strategy: How to read/understand your customer’s minds – and use what you find to grow your sales massively.
  • The larger market formula strategy: how you can use it to swoop up the majority of the market that’s being ignored – and transform them into loyal customers who continually drive sales in your business.
  • The helper strategy: A marketing concept so powerful that leveraging it can easily double your sales (that most of your competitors don’t often use);
  • The copy strategy: How to write the kind of copy that will have your customers begging you to make a purchase
  • The Godfather Strategy: A way to dramatically increase your customer base and profits

These strategies have worked for my business, it has also worked for many gurus and top companies out there and for our clients as well. And now, am about to teach you how to make them work for you.

If you’re ready to have these strategies right in your hands, then follow me in this tutorial.

The strategies, if applied that will help you double your sales 2x and even more.

Sneak spy strategy


Read/understand your customer’s minds and connect with them (build relationship and intimacy).

In other to double sales, there is need to get to a new level of connection (relationship/ intimacy) with your prospects.

You need to get inside their head and figure out their #1 problem. What

keeps them up at night? What problem has them banging their head against the wall?

What question are they struggling with that they’re desperate for an answer to?

Knowing those problems is key to doubling your sales. Because once you know the problem, You can offer them a solution.

And when you offer a solution to their #1 problem, That’s when the sales will start rolling in.

At this point you may be asking yourself, how do I know their mind when am not a mind reader?

You don’t need to be a magician. All you need is what I call the “Sneak spy Strategy”, some other persons call it the “Halo strategy”. With these strategies, you are getting

an insider’s look at what’s going on in your customers’ heads. It allows you to dig deep inside the mind of your ideal customers to figure out what they’re struggling with (so you can figure out a solution – and double your sales in the process).

So, how does the “Sneak spy or Halo strategy” work?

It’s simple. All you’ll need to get started is two to three major keywords or search phrases around your products. Once you have those in place, it’s time to do some detective work using these simple and free tools:.

  • Sneak spy strategy using Google

The first place you’re going to take those search phrases is straight to Google. When you type a search phrase into the Google search bar, Google gives you an aggregate view of related searches, which means you get to see the exact questions your prospects are asking during their research.


You’ll get a list of the exact words and phrases your customers are searching for related to your product, which will give you invaluable insight into their thought process and help you to identify the real problems they’re struggling with.


  • Sneak spy strategy using Answer The Public

Answer the Public is the next best tool you can use to know what is in the mind of your audience.



This tool is incredibly valuable. It’s one of the best kept secrets in the sales and marketing industry, and it will give you invaluable insight into what your customers are thinking.

At Answer the Public, you type in your keyword or search phrase, and the tool generates a diagram of related searches. Depending on your search term, you can get hundreds of results that give you direct insight into what your audience is thinking, the kinds of questions they’re asking, and the hot-button issues they’re struggling with.

  • Sneak spy strategy using Industry Forums

Checking out industry forums is also a great way to get inside your customers’ heads. Take notice of any theme in their questioning. Take note of the issues your potential customers are banging their heads against the wall over and over… If so, it’s safe to assume it’s a hot-button issue with them – and one that can seriously ramp up your sales if you’re able to solve.

  • Sneak spy strategy using Facebook Groups

If there are Facebook groups or pages around your niche, you’ll also want to explore each group and see what kinds of conversations are happening there; people don’t hold back and tend to speak more openly on social media, talking at length about their problems and issues – which you can use to your advantage.

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Thankfully, there’s no need to go through these Facebook groups one-by-one. You can use a Facebook data mining tool (like Social Lead Freak) that will mine through all the comments and questions and deliver the insight you need.

  • Sneak spy strategy using Amazon Reviews

Reading through Amazon Reviews of similar products is a quick and easy way to get inside your customers’ heads and figure out what they want, what they need, and how you can deliver it.

Read through the five star reviews to see what people love, but – more importantly – read through the one and two star reviews for what people think is missing. Because if you can provide that missing link and solve the problem your competitors are not solving, all of that hungry potential customers are yours to taking.

Using the Sneak Spy strategy to figure out the questions people are asking related to your products or services will give you all the intel you need to figure out your ideal customer’s #1 problem. And once you have that, you can craft the solution – and watch your sales double in the process.

I highly recommend that you get this book: How to choose a profitable online business. It contains so many strategies that will help you more using sneak spy strategy. It comes in both E-book and video course http://digitalmarketingguide.info/htcapob

The market size strategy

One of the major keys to doubling your sales is appealing to a larger market.

One of the major keys to doubling your sales is appealing to a larger market.

And the way to do that is using the larger market Strategy.

With the larger market Strategy, you can dramatically widen the amount of prospects you’re

Appealing to, putting yourself far ahead of the competition – and doubling your sales as a result.

The larger market Strategy is a two-step strategy:

Step One: Appealing to a larger percentage of the market than your competitors.

Every business audience is divided into 4 categories as shown in the diagram

Most businesses – and most of your competition – focus solely on the 3% of people who are ready to make a purchase. But you are not going to double your sales by focusing on that 3%. When you focus all of your efforts on that 3%, you’re leaving the other 97% of customers on the table.

So if you really want increase on your sales numbers, you need to focus on that 97%; moving those prospects higher in the pyramid and making sure that when those people are ready to buy, you will have 70-100% prospects ready to buy from YOU.

The same way you spend some of your time, energy, and resources targeting that 3% that has their wallet out and are itching to make a purchase, should be just the same you spend your time, energy, and resources targeting that other 97% and moving them closer to making a purchase (and, in particular, making a purchase from you).

The key to appealing to a larger percentage of your market – the prospects that fall in that 97% – is to establish yourself as someone they can trust. And how do you do that?

By becoming the authority they should go to in your space.

Take advantage of every opportunity to provide value to that 97% of your audience that isn’t ready to make a purchase. Publish lead magnets (i.e free informations packages as either Ebooks, video or info graphics), guest post on industry blogs, answer tough questions on forums like Quora, go on Facebook Live and answer audience questions…

the point is, you need to be
a) visible,
b) providing value, and
c) building trust.

By focusing on becoming an authority in your niche, you will literally appeal to prospects in every stage of the research and buying cycle. You will appeal to the 3% who’s ready to buy because They will want to buy from the best in the industry. You will appeal to the 17% who are gathering information because they’ll stumble across all the value you’re adding in their research.

For the 20% of your audience who’s problem aware, you’ll get on their radar and help encourage them to start doing more research. And for the 60% who aren’t problem aware, once they become problem aware, you will be there waiting with the solution to their problem.

The Larger Market Strategy is a bullet-proof strategy that will both drive more leads into your business and help you move more of those leads through your funnel – and can easily help you double your sales in the process.

Step Two: Driving more traffic into your funnel.

If you want to double your sales, you can’t rely on one traffic source to do it for you. If all of your traffic comes from Google AdWords, you’re leaving all the traffic you could be getting from SEO or affiliate marketing or Facebook Ads on the table. And if for whatever reason your Google AdWords account gets shut down, you’re left with no source of traffic – and not a single source of sales.

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But by maintaining multiple sources of traffic, you can keep a constant flood of leads going into your funnel. You’ll have a larger audience to work with. And the more traffic sources you have, the less affected you’ll be if one of those sources of traffic shuts down.

The key to success with a variety of traffic sources is to start small. Start with one channel. Get that channel to a point where you have an offer that’s converting profitably (as in you are making more than you spend) and then figure out your cost per lead (CPL) and cost per acquisition (CPA) for that particular channel.

Then, take your profits and roll it into another channel. Repeat the process for different channels and compare your CPL and CPAs to figure out which traffic sources are the most profitable. Once you know which traffic sources convert best, you can choose the top three most profitable sources and spread your resources across them; that way, if traffic source A runs into issues, you’ll still have traffic sources B and C to drive leads while you focus on getting traffic source A back up and running.

The Helper Strategy

Don’t make it all about yourself.

The biggest problem in marketing today is that the vast majority of businesses are completely, utterly self-obsessed. Everything in their marketing screams “Look at me!” or “Buy! Buy! Buy!”

And while it makes sense in theory, i.e. – show your customers how great you are and convince them to buy – it doesn’t work in practice.

Because the truth of the matter is, You are not going to get your ideal customers to buy from you by

a) talking up your business or

b) telling them they should buy.

The key to getting them to buy is to show them you can help them.

And how do you do that? By actually helping them.

This might seem obvious, but the truth is no one is doing it. So by taking this approach and actually helping your customers instead of shoving buying messages down their throat, you can differentiate yourself from the competition, establish yourself as a business dedicated to providing value, and at the same time doubling your sales.

The concept behind value based marketing isn’t a new concept; it’s one of the most tried-and-true marketing strategies in history.

The idea of value based marketing has been grossly forgotten in recent years.

Again, virtually few persons are leveraging this strategy. Which is why YOU need to do it; it’s so unheard of to actually help your customers instead of pushing for the sale, that when you do it, your customers won’t know pushes them to buy.

The key to value based marketing is giving before asking. It’s offering value to your customers without asking for a sale in return immediately.

So instead of asking “How can I sell this product?” it’s asking “How can I add more value to my customers?” And the best way to do that is through lead magnets.

Lead magnets come in multiple forms – free reports (just like the one you’re reading), ebooks, videos, worksheets, cheat sheets – but the goal of each format is the same. You offer your customers an incredible value (typically in the form of the solution to a problem

they’re struggling with) without asking them to purchase anything in return immediately. All you ask for in return for all the value you’re providing is an email address.

By showing your audience you’re dedicated to helping them – whether they make a purchase or not – you’re actually prepping them to become customers down the line. People are 10x more likely to buy when they feel like they’re learning instead of feeling like they’re being sold to. So taking the learning approach and offering value in the form of a lead magnet is the way to go if you want to double sales.

But the key to leveraging this strategy to double sales is to provide REAL value. The lead magnet might be free, but the information you give away has to be worthwhile, valuable, and actually further your prospect’s cause.

Here are four tips for putting together the kind of lead magnet that will explode your sales:

  • Start with an attention-grabbing headline. Your headline is what’s going to compel people to sign up for your lead magnet, and if it’s a snooze, no one is going to download it.
  • Address their objections from the start. Skepticism runs rampant online, a large percentage of your prospects may think your value add is too good to be true. Let them know why you’re putting this information out into the world and why you want to help them to put their doubts to rest.
  • Make sure every point in your lead magnet touches on a burning question your audience has. If you’re writing a report or an ebook, do this in the subheaders; this will ensure anyone just skimming the lead magnet will get pulled in.
  • Include a Call-to-action (CTA). Yes, a lead magnet is meant to be entirely value-based and educational. But it’s still a lead generation tactic – which means you want to drive your audience to take action. Include a CTA at the end of your lead magnet that moves your audience further along in your funnel.

The copy strategy

How to write the kind of copy that will have your customers begging you to make a purchase

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If you want to double your sales, you need to convert more (in fact, twice as many) of your prospects into customers.
And if you want to convert more of your prospects, you need copy headline that is impossible for your prospects to ignore.
Developing a copy strategy that makes the most of every word – and uses every word to convert customers – is key to doubling your sales.
Your copy needs three factors to standout:

Compelling Headline:

Your headline is, the most important piece of copy on whatever you’re writing, whether it’s a landing page, a lead magnet, or an email. It’s the piece of copy that’s going to make your prospects decide whether they’re going to keep reading your content – and give you the opportunity to sell to them. Without the right headline, you’ll never even make it through the door.

A great headline should jump off the page and immediately grab the reader’s attention. Your headline should be:
• Informative; it immediately tells your reader what kind of content they’re about to read
• Engaging; it immediately grabs their attention and entices them to read further
• Relevant; it accurately describes what your audience can expect from your content

The right offer:

It doesn’t matter how well your copy is written – if there’s no compelling offer within your copy, you’re not going to sell anything.
Your offer copy needs to build serious value for your audience; it needs to build the value of what they’re getting and frame it in a way that makes it irresistible. The more compelling your offer copy, the more readers you’ll covert.

A single focus (CTA – Call To Action)

If you ask too many things of your audience, you’re not going to get any of those things.
Which is why if you want your copy to be the platform you need to double sales, it needs to have a single focus.
Have a single call to action. Don’t confuse your audience by asking them to sign up for your email list and make a purchase and review your product (three things at the same time). The more things you ask them to do, the less likely they are to do anything. Figure out the one thing you want your audience to do and build all your copy around that single focus.

The better your copy – the more compelling your headline and offer and the more focused your CTA – the more readers you’ll convert (and the more sales you’ll get).

The Godfather strategy

How to appeal to that portion of your audience that wants to work with you but isn’t quite ready to make a large scale purchase

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their marketing is only focusing on a single type of sale.
In a perfect world, all of your prospects would be ready to purchase a high-ticket item the minute they enter your funnel. But not every customer is ready to make that kind of investment on day one of entering your funnel. But that doesn’t mean they’re not ready to make any investment. If you write those people off, you’re throwing away a HUGE potential customer base – one that could easily double your sales.

So, how do you appeal to that portion of your audience that wants to work with you but isn’t quite ready to make a large scale purchase?
You use what we like to call the coffee bucks or entry offer or “The Godfather Strategy”… and make them an offer they can’t refuse. With the Godfather Strategy, you create an offer with a low-price point to convert as many prospects into customers as possible. Also known as an entry offer, these sales won’t make you a great deal of profit on the front end, but they will dramatically increase your customer base and – ideally – liquidate most or all the costs of buying traffic.

Typically, entry offers are priced between $1 and $20; we’ve found that offers between $7 and $10 perform the best. The lower price point of your offer will obviously be a major selling point, but you never want to present it as “cheap” or “bargain;” the value (and, more importantly, the perceived value) of your entry offer needs to be significantly higher than the price in order to generate buy-in with your customers. You need to WOW them.

Your entry offer can be anything from a physical product to a how-to guide, but the most successful entry offer is something that your ideal customer needs to accomplish their goals. Think about what your audience needs to be successful, and then think of a low-cost way to provide that value.

By creating a lower point offer, you’re removing the barrier to entry, giving people who aren’t ready to purchase a high-ticket item the chance to work with you and you are giving yourself the opportunity to prove you are worth the larger price tag.

Once you get your audience with your entry offer and convert them into customers – no matter how low the price point – you can continue to market to them, prove your value, and keep increasing the price tag on offers in the future, which can and will lead to a dramatic increase in sales.



Truth be told, doubling your sales isn’t easy. You have to be willing to work for it. But with these strategies, you have everything you need to make it happen. The rest is up to you.


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