List Building: 2 importance of list building

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List building is about collecting email addresses of people who are interested in your offer/products/services. It can be under the form of free reports (free lists) or paid products (buyer lists).


This becomes a huge asset in your web based business.


You will hear this term constantly in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche: “The Money Is in the List, But the Fortune Is in the Follow-Ups” Anyone who has stable passive online income that grows each month, has an e-mail list.


This is where AUTOMATION takes place!


If someone were to ask me what really makes money on Auto-Pilot, my answer is simply, “I’d build a list!” With that said, list building is only the first part of the super equation.


By using an auto-responder email marketing platform like GetResponse, you simply need to write-up email messages so you can send offers to your subscribers with a combination of tips and tricks in the niche you choose to work in.


Through these educative e-mail messages, you will want to add promotional links displaying new products/services.

You will start making money from e-mail marketing as soon as your subscribers take action and buy what you created/offered or a product/service you referred.

When you build a list, you can add Pay-Per-Leads Programs (PPL) and get paid up to 2$ per e-mail you collect.


This is a simple technique that you would add to your marketing funnel to make easy and fast money.

I love PPL Programs because they cover my traffic investments so I can keep growing my list by scaling my profits instead of having to inject money to get visitors to my lists or website.

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List building is what will make your business fully AUTOMATED and there’s no way around this one!


The second part to list building is being able to SELL the TRAFFIC you have on your EXISTING LIST.


When you build a list the right way, you can make sales at the same time on:

  1. Segment 1 : By selling Products (Buyers)
  2. Segment 2 : By selling your traffic (Those who didn’t buy from you) … And you can SELL both segments through the SAME LIST, by doing it the right way!


That’s right! You can SELL the clicks your subscribers make through your list up to $0.60 EACH, to other internet marketers who want to “rent space” on your list.

This is what we call Solos and by selling Solo Ads you can Make Up To $1000 Per Day!


When you’ll be making that $500-$1000 daily, 7 days per week, you’ll be really happy that you set-it ALL on AUTO-PILOT because a lot of people will be added to your network.


Can you imagine doing all that manually? I think not!


When your business is automated and set-up to generate profits on it’s own, you’ll have time to go and do the things you love so much while your money making machine is working for you on the back-end… on auto-pilot!

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